Kimberly helps prepare young women to use their voices, succeed in college, and lead impactful, meaningful lives through her career at a local school. As a single mother of six, she works tirelessly to prepare her own children for their futures while keeping them comfortable and safe. Unexpectedly, their upstairs stopped properly receiving airflow, and with frigid temperatures in Kansas City, their house quickly became uncomfortable and at risk for damage.

Through a referral from a previous NorthPoint Foundation Grantee, Kimberly was connected to our outreach team. The team was able to work with local contractors to do some electrical rewiring and install a mini split upstairs. Kimberly and her kids are now comfortable in their home and worry less about temperature-related pipe bursts and the heat waves in the upcoming summer months.

Natasha Rickel

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Meet our dedicated Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Natasha, a seasoned professional with a flair for strategic brand management and integrated marketing. With an impressive background in spearheading innovative initiatives for the largest privately-held industrial development company in the US, Natasha brings a unique blend of expertise in communications, content creation, and digital strategy. Holding an M.S. in Journalism and Mass Communications with a focus in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Kansas, Natasha is committed to driving growth and shaping impactful brand narratives. As a board member and active member of KC IABC and the Content Marketing & Communications Manager for NorthPoint Development, Natasha plays a crucial role in our mission to enhancing the lives of children in our communities.